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We're nearly at the end of the letters to be used for this entertaining (?) series of I love yachting events and emotions. It's been entertaining for me to write if nothing else, a distraction perhaps? Coming up with a simple way to express each letter has been rather fun and easier than anticipated, and the GIFs to express the situation have been hilarious to search for too. The U blog had Brad in stitches.

Inviting you into the minds of Holly and Brad we figured would be one way to share our latest state of affairs - oh you're surprised we have minds!? Ha ha, rightfully so, it's certainly debatable that we might have any brains since this is totally not how you enjoy being on the water. But other than that, you should be wondering by now, what's with all the blog entries?

Yet, you might recall from the first of this series, there was a text that just faded out. I didn't quite finish and left you with, "Can you believe it??". I suggest you go read that first, but if you've stayed with me, this is good.

The rest of that text was, "...shipping the gear out this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Will send me the tracking number when it goes. I expect we will see it early next week."

Getting close.

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