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You may be wondering what's up with the letters. Have you figured it out yet? This one should be giving it away.

We delivered the boat to Mathews on November 7, 2021. Seems like only yesterday that happened, it was such a perfectly glorious day (see the vlog).

Don't worry about the math, it's easily close to two years even if you can't read a calendar.

It's a long haul. Truly. Hauling the damn transmission first to someone in Virginia who never worked on it and hauling it back. Then hauling it to South Carolina where as many of you may know, it got fixed (hooray!), came back, but then had an issue and went back (boo!) only to be there ever since.

As you would imagine, the mental state around here at home has been nothing short of pins and needles, but including... Insanity. Frustration. Anger. Futileness. Resignment. Fugit.

Basically, we've been super mega monster triple dog dare infuriated. Yes, a dare. Daring ourselves to make it through this. It's a way to look at it, deal with it, and not kill each other or get divorced over a damn boat. Whatever it takes. But mostly we've just been


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Stay the course. You both have come so far. Yachting , what a fun and scary bamecall at the same time. 😳🐬🦋

Me gusta
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