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Props to Cobe Marine

We want to recognize those who we have relied on to maintain and enhance CAYUGA. To keep

even a smaller boat running well and looking good requires building a team of marine

specialists, such as engine and electrical professionals, varnish specialists, and other parts and

accessories suppliers.

logo from cobe website

From the outset, when CAYUGA first got splashed in the waters of the Chesapeake at Campbell’s in Oxford, we have come to rely upon Cobe Marine in Pasadena (headwaters of the Magothy River) for advice and parts for our two Marine Power gas engines.

Not only does Cobe seem to stock the parts for our thirty-year-old engines, but they order and quickly get what we need if they don't have it.

Just this week, we wanted to replace the engine thermostats on both engines (more on that I love yatchting issue later). I called Cobe and was informed there was one and could get the other the next day. The next morning, I had an email proactively letting me know that the completed order was waiting for me to pick up.

To back up, two years ago, it was Cobe who recommended that Marty Brown Racing rebuild the

engines for us. As those of you who have read prior posts about the refit of engines and gears,

our experience with Marty Brown was excellent.

So, here is a massive shout-out to Cobe Marine – a local marine business – that is

integral to our ability to be good stewards of CAYUGA.

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