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Dali Departs

Known to anyone paying attention to any news, in particular those reading about events in the State of Maryland, a ship hit a bridge and the bridge collapsed. Tragic for the loss of life and after that, all of the other mess the M/V Dali created.

A good friend said in a text yesterday, "good riddance". Agreed.

Brad and I signed up for bridge updates so we know when traffic is messed up in general or there's an accident (traffic is messed up) or some other event that causes... traffic to be messed up. But I digress... See, we live at the end of a peninsula and at the foot of the Bay Bridge so it's both convenient and not so. Overall, our community is a small slice of heaven, surrounded by state forest and the Bay at our feet..

Part of what makes the community so great is that there's a small marina, and it affords us fantastic views of the Bay. Going back a few years, we had a front row seat for the Everforward grounding. But yesterday, after a bridge update, we decided to walk out to the marina and watch the departure. Here's the email:

Yesterday was very windy, gusting upwards of 25 knots. There were more than 4 tugs involved - we could see two on the starboard side alone, plus one behind and we assume another two on the port side, maybe more. There was a marine police escort and a CG boat following. Of course the local media had a helicopter buzzing overhead once the ship got closer to the Bay Bridge.

Frankly, it was a bit nerve-wracking to think of the worst-case scenario but the "out of an abundance of caution" shutting down the bridge was smart.

I tried to do some narration, but the wind was louder than me. Another person out watching had binoculars and he said to look at the bow where I could see wreckage of the bridge. That was eerie.

So here's what we saw in pictures and video:

And that's a wrap on the M/V Dali. She's currently moored in Norfolk, VA. It was a good I love yachting day for Dali, having it made it past the Bay Bridge and out of MD. Good riddance.

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Sad piece of history

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