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Thankful to be Alive

For those of you who know us, you may have heard of our disbelief, shock, and sadness upon hearing that friends of ours lost their beloved yacht recently to a fire that burned the boat to the waterline and then sunk.

As you know, here at I Love Yachting, we grit our teeth when things go wrong, mutter our eponymous title, and continue on. However, no yachting story could be worse than a fire aboard. There is nothing good about it and one can only hope that the fire either is contained or everyone ends up safe and sound. Not this time.

If you feel compelled to search the internet, have at it, but we'd recommend you dial into the in-person interview, our friend's story is mingled with survival/thankfulness, sadness, love, and believe it or not, subtle humor.

When you get a text that it was "not a good day" and a picture with the boat we've spent some wonderful time on, on fire, the reaction is a thousand questions all at once, but first and foremost, is everyone OK? Our friends had about half a minute from smelling and seeing

smoke, a failed attempt at fire fighting, to abandoning ship.

Thankfully all aboard were able to escape, our friends, their mate, and the beloved dogs were all picked up within minutes. While it is tragic that everything they owned was lost, the interview says it all - they are the most resilient of folks and will be back on the water before too long.

Please be safe out there.

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Jun 28, 2022

So sad for them, just happy everyone is ok.

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