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Help! Poll - vote for the font size and color.

Holly is typically laser-focused and a task master. But there are times she can’t seem to make up her mind. Deciding on the graphic design and font for lettering CAYUGA onto the transom is stymying her.

It’s like when we sit at a bar with more than two IPA’s on tap to choose from. Me, if Stella is on tap, done. Not Holly. She will get tastes of the various IPA options and thinks about each seemingly forever. It’s not uncommon for me to have finished my first before she decides and orders.

That’s how the boat name graphic design choice is going – slow, with no selection yet. She directed me to a website called and to click on the Google Fonts tab. I immediately found one I liked on the page with font names that begin with the letter A. Holly wanted me to look at the font page for every letter in the alphabet. I am way too ADD for that.

So, as luck would have it, I got sent a photo of the boat when she was called PUG, with a fine shot of the transom. The yachtsman, Blair Brown, who had her built, is at the helm. Anyway, I like the font he used and suggested we copy it.

the yacht pug

Holly agreed to my surprise and utter amazement, sparing me another night on the Mr. Fonts website. But we are not done and still have to make a final decision between the designs.

We are using Accent Design in Annapolis for creating and applying the name. Chris has exhibited the patience of Job while being asked for just one more mockup. I swore to him that this was the last one we would ask him to do.

So, here's a poll for you to vote on what you think would look the best. Holly took a quick, highly un-scientific poll at her office and it was a tie between two of the choices with an outlier picking one of them no one else did. Let's see if you can do any better! Looking forward to your choices and thanks for joining the fun.

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