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Perfect Thursday

A while back, a friend of mine coined the term 'Perfect Thursday' for a day so uniquely right in all aspects that it was obligatory to get together and celebrate. Perfect ingredients are 70-80 degrees, low humidity, a soft breeze, sunny skies which may have a few puffy clouds, and a location on the water. The last being the easiest of them all of course in the Annapolis area, however the temperature and humidity often collude against such a day.

This week, it was the ultimate Perfect Thursday. Cool morning temps, light breeze from the SSW, sunny skies forever, and CAYUGA plying the waters of the Bay.

Yes, CAYUGA is in the water. She performed. I cried. Bryon smiled when he got off the boat.

The day in pictures:

The day in video:

For all of the I love yachting moments of the past few months, and years... this day was absolutely, perfect.

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May 06

Great news and a great day. Happy for you guys. Time to enjoy that beauty.


CONGRATULATIONS on a long awaited day.

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