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New Year = New Stories

Shortly after delivering CAYUGA across the Bay and up the Choptank River to Mathews Bros for winter storage and projects, we were caught up in the holiday festivities and did not provide you with any stories. We also owe you a guest story that we will, we promise, post up soon.

Our stopover between the Bay crossing and going up the river, was none other than one of our favorite Eastern Shore places, Cambridge. We made the best of it with a stop at Holly's favorite local brewery and I got my history itch scratched with a burgee exchange.

Hopefully, the holidays have been relaxing and enjoyable for you. Monday starts the New Year back at work for most and for us, it's a darn fine time to get back to sharing more I Love Yachting adventures.

We wish everyone the best while navigating 2022!


Brad & Holly

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Jan 03, 2022

Happy New Year!! Cannot wait for some more stories to get me through the winter months.

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