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Let's get it started.

A few weeks back, a viewer of the CAYUGA YouTube playlist commented that my video "Fired up!" did not show what they were expecting. I was of course crushed that I had not delivered on my title, however, for those of you who know our friend Mr. Eney it makes total sense. Fired up is already fired up and getting more so.

But to make it right, I responded that I would record a new video of CAYUGA starting up. I believe what I've created sorts out the difference. One small thing... I love yachting as you know, and the moments have been plenty with getting the boat back in working order - the kind of order that lets you relax (a little) while taking her out for a spin. So, for all the good ILY times, and our delivery was fantastic, it was about a week and a half later, when we started up to go out and watch Wednesday Night Racing, that the port engine was grumbly and barky. It was not right, the idle was off, and there's some visible exhaust. HOW IN THE WORLD.... could that be. What happened, what changed, what the *heck? Take a listen:

Thus ensued many emails to engine guy with videos so he could watch, listen, analyze, and provide his initial thoughts on what was going on. In the meantime, I took to watching more YouTube videos about engines and carburetors. Since there was an idle issue, that was my first guess. This guy might be my hero with an awesome Holley carb how-to. Even so, I was not about to try it myself, but called in our local expert.

Yesterday, Portside Marine visited, and Chris and I went through the port engine. Chris did the tuning, but I learned a lot watching and listening to him in front of me. I get it - and it's such a simple mechanical device in general but the right settings are somewhat fussy to get dialed in just right. In the end, here are the results of the carb fix (and I'm feeling pretty good about my burgeoning engine skills that my hunch on the carburetor being the culprit was correct).

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03 de jun.

Nothing sounds better then the rumbling of an old motor. Love it!


Very well diagnosed She sounds great. No EV here 🐬🦋

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