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In the water??

You know how every 90 days, or some other IT timeframe, it's destined to be the moment when you need to log on but can't reset your password? Well, that's not the issue but it is the point because when the time came earlier this year, and as I've been making passwords related to CAYUGA as I can usually remember them, I set the latest password no differently. And the password is... "Inthewater2023??". Pretty sure I need to change my password now... but hilarious right? As if that was ever going to happen as the days and months passed by, but if you need a little password inspiration, this is interesting, or just get yourself some help: Lastpass.

Well, there's a light at the end of this I love yachting spectacle. I'm ever hopeful once again. If you followed along in the CAYUGA series then you know the transmission did finally arrive a couple of weeks ago. There's even better news!

So the transmission arrived on Friday, 10/20, and by Monday 10/30, the whole engine and transmission had been put back together, waiting only for forklifts to arrive and do the heavy lifting, find its port mate already in process and soon to be next, finally, and of course, last but not least and what we've all been waiting for, installed safe and sound. We're really making some progress!

Still to be done: exhaust hoses, cooling hoses, electrical wiring, and of course after all this time, cleaning out the old fuel and checking all fuel lines in preparation for fresh fuel for trials. The batteries have continued to be checked and charged and are doing well. And as the folks at Mathews said this past Friday, "all seems to be going back together smoothly at this point".

Cross your fingers, folks, we might just be back in the water in 2023.

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Nov 06, 2023

This is awesome news!!! Cannot wait to go for a ride and listen to those motors purr. Go the CAYUGA!

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