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Happy Birthday to Me!

This past Monday night was the third "I love yachting" free outing in a row with the mighty CAYUGA. Thankfully that made for a happy Happy Birthday for me with Holly on the water.

holly motoring out of the creek

As far as the Birthday part, they get treated without huge fanfare at this stage of the game. The thought of having to sign up for Medicare next year only dulls any possible excitement or enjoyment of aging.

This year the party was boating with Holly and a stop at the Annapolis Yacht Club, a place that is home away from home for us, for an early dinner.

tied up at the club

The night was a perfect, humidity-free one here in the Land of Pleasant Living. So, I iced down a few Modelos, fired up the engines, and off we went.

We tied up, with Holly getting more comfortable by the day with how the boat handles, and met our longtime friend Gerard at the Club’s Burgee Bar. There we enjoyed a relaxing, casual dinner and before sunset, we departed to head back to

Whitehall Creek.

burgee bar
photo B. Wierseman, Chair of History & Artifacts

On the way out of the Annapolis Harbor, we spotted a friend and fellow Club member, Rick, in his classic Whaler. I hailed him and asked if he’d take a photo of CAYUGA. He did and emailed them over for which I am grateful. This is my favorite of the bunch. I love that proud ensign flying so beautifully - future post about flags...

We got back to the dock and poured a glass of wine to have with my birthday cake which was a take-out blackberry cobbler (sans candles). Delicious! It was a perfect end to a wonderful birthday with Holly and CAYUGA.

cayuga leaving spa creek in front of the naval academy


Aug 09, 2021

Beautiful boat and wife. Lot to be happy for on your birthday!!


Aug 07, 2021

Happy Birthday! Perhaps the biggest challenge of Medicare is figuring out what to do with all the money you will save with Medicare Plus premiums of $400/mo compared to Marketplace premiums of $3,000/mo. More gas & oil?

Aug 08, 2021
Replying to

Medicare rocks. It’s the aging that sinks the high of it

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