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Do It Yourself - Part 2

And here I am with some uber concentration... really mostly b/c as soon as Brad says "smile" I do about everything but - if it's not a naturally caught photo, anyway, I said we'd be back at this and here we are, getting this steering fluid sorted out. In my opinion, a minor I love yachting moment, the fact that we had to do this ALL over again, but thankfully it's not a major problem.

holly fixing the steering

The Seastar tech told us to do it this way for the second attempt: keep the bleeder caps on and turn the wheel all the way and then another turn past. For both port and starboard turnings.

Getting the wheel to turn past where it stops was a hard over while watching the rudder indicator. I did this twice. By the way, it's messy even if you have paper towels everywhere, drip pads, and containers within containers. But thankfully none of that created an inadvertent follow-on I Love Yachting situation.

brad keeps it organized

Result? We may have gotten things where they should be. Or at least closer than they were before our outing Friday. The wheel "catches" almost immediately. No major lag or nearly a turn and a half for nothing. Brad's got it all neatly stowed away now.

So until next season, at least the steering fluid and performance of the SeaStar system is off the I love yachting ****list. I can't say the same for the electrical system...

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