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Boat Show Time

It's that time of year to start planning to attend the annual Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society's show in St. Michael's. Every year over the same weekend as Father's Day, by water or land, beautifully restored old boats and some works in progress descend upon the small historic town to delight yet another year of attendees. In its 36th year, it will be June 14-16.

I've made the trek many times, the majority to see my father and his boats but also to be there for the big day all Dads deserve. Last year I attended as a speaker at a small seminar about the boats we love. I also had done a "Boats of James Bond" powerpoint but was unable to be present for its showing. That powerpoint was probably more fun to put together than anyone watching would have guessed. Pix of Dad and Mom with me back in the early '90s... with Ol' Smoothie and then later in the '10s with Dad's furniture piece AKA the Penn Yann.

Sign up to bring your boat. Even though there's a theme for fishing boats, any qualifying old boat can be a part of the fun. Register for any part of the weekend below by clicking the image OR if you just want to come see all the boats, get your tickets through the museum: link here.

I hope that CAYUGA will make the show this year. The ongoing issues with the port

transmission have yet to be resolved, but maybe we'll have a light shed on it this week. I #@(*$& love yachting.

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